Welcome to our brand new Website and Blog

Welcome to our brand new Website and Blog

Hi there everyone.  Well after a busy few weeks of taking photos of soap and giftware etc and working with Jeremy from Rocketspark, we are absolutely thrilled to have our new website go live. Great to be able to post a blog directly from the website as well.  So very very exciting.  Who needs new high heels and gorgeous dresses when you can have an awesome new website!!!!  We hope you find it easy to navigate and if you have any suggestions, please do let me know.

The garden is really in full growing mode, with having so much rain everything is having a growth spurt.  Mowing lawns every second day if the weather allows!!  Come on Sam, the TVNZ Breakfast Weatherman - please send some gorgeous weather our way so our customers and ourselves can enjoy the garden in warmth!!!!!

I must apologise to my husband Ross about now - the hallway in the house is full of boxes all ready to go to the Farmlands Ladies nights throughout the South Island starting this week.  Really looking forward to getting on the road again.  One has to prise herself away from the factory and office occasionally!  When I acquired a factory to make my soap in I promised the house wouldn't be full of soap - well the house does smell nice and between you and me I think he likes it too!!

We have many groups booked in and it is so lovely to host them.  They receive a complimentary tea and coffee on arrival, a speech on the business and time to just meander and browse at their leisure.  Lots of options so if you have an idea do please email me catlinssoapco@xtra.co.nz

Ten years ago when Ross was busy with farming and music he never thought that one day he would be a barista.  Yes thats right, he is right in his element making coffee.  We look forward to Lauren having her training session this week and being of help to Ross.

We welcome Lauren to our team.  Lauren works in the giftshop from Thursday to Sunday.  

Lastly I mustn't forget mentioning Millie our 8 year old daughter.  If you happen to come in the weekends or holidays be prepared to be given the farm tour (all five acres).  There is the pet lamb Sparkles to meet and if you time it right you can feed her, Lee the miniature horse, Missy the quiet and loveable little Bischon Frise dog and Fizz the cat (you will be lucky to see Fizz - she's quite unsociable).

Have a great week.



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