Farmlands Ladies Night Tour

Hello everyone, as I write this I am thinking how much I am looking forward to getting home tonight to spend two nights in my own bed and catchup on orders etc. We are over half way through our road tour of the South Island attending the Farmlands Ladies nights. The guests are absolutely fabulous and I am not going to say too much so as not to spoil it for the events next week. Really looking forward to heading up the South Island on Monday to Nelson, Blenheim and the grand finale in Shanty Town. Hopefully the weather is nice up there, so needing so vitamin D! What I can tell you about Annabelle White (the cuddly cook) and Astar (the queen of craft and star of the Good Morning Show), is that they are the most beautiful ladies. They talk to everyone and have lots of fun. It has been so nice meeting new faces as well as seeing ladies from the previous years shows.

Funny story, Millie is really happy that I am touring at the moment and its neat to get home to lots of cuddles, but each phone call at the moment when we catchup is Hi Mum, Did you get diesel today?" Now normally an 8 year old girl wouldn't care whether there was fuel in the truck or not. But thanks to Z Fuel and the promotion of Blockheads, it is vitally important that I fuel up regularly (at least $40 worth of course). So you can imagine how pleased she is that I am going to the top of the South Island next week. Im just grateful that I have an economical truck to travel around. Oh how the priorities differ between child and adult. The power of advertising.

Looking forward to seeing the garden starting to colour up for the summer. Poor Ross, the one job I had left him with while I was away this week, he just hasn't managed to do it as it keeps raining every single day (well thats what he's telling me!!) So Im guessing the lawns will be getting away again. With rain comes lots of growth.

Thank you to you all that have placed online orders and thank you for your patience of me not getting your orders out the next day at the moment. I promise after next week I will be in my factory everyday again. I must admit that being away is rather frustrating as one cannot sleep in and is wide awake at 5am wanting to go out to the factory and I can't.

The year is sure sneaking away on us fast and already we are starting to book in for events in 2015.

I have a new machine that has arrived into the country now and is sitting in Auckland waiting to be cleared by all the authorities and hopefully will be in my factory when I get back next week. Once I have had a play with it and worked out how it all works I will reveal what it can do.

Well time to sign off and head off down the road further, I hear there is a roast in the oven tonight. Gosh I am so lucky!

Take care and have a great weekend.



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